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Farming Practices

Our Grass Fed Cattle are born, raised, and finished on open grass pastures where

perennial and annual grasses, forbs, legumes, brassicas, fodder, and browse without grains are the sole energy source from birth to harvest with the exception of mothers milk.

Hay may be fed during periods of inclement weather or low forage quality.

We use Adaptive grazing techniques, Silvopasture and Bio dynamic practices.

 ( some call bio dynamic " beyond organic " )

Biodynamics has much in common with other organic approaches.

 It emphasizes the use of manures and composts and excludes the use of synthetic (artificial) fertilizers, pesticides and herbicides on soil and plants.

 Methods unique to the bio dynamic approach include its treatment of animals, crops, and soil as a single system.

With  an emphasis from its beginnings on local production and distribution systems, its use of traditional and development of new local breeds and varieties.

Bio dynamic agriculture uses various herbal and mineral additives for compost additives 

and field sprays.


We raise rabbits specifically for their urine and manure as we feel this is superior for vegetative growth with the addition of molasses for its high mineral contents.

We control weeds exclusively with grazing management and long walks daily with a hand sickle to remove seed heads of unwanted invasive plant species and occasional mowing to top older fibrous grasses there is no need for herbicides.

Since our cattle are genetically robust and on green pastures and not confined to feed lots there is no need for hormones or antibiotics.

We stockpile grasses for winter strip grazing minimizing the need for hay. Our cattle prefer last falls stockpile in mid winter to even the best quality hay and we trust they know best.

Most producers don't even mention worming because most consumers are unfamiliar with it. But it is an essential part of raising livestock, most are using a petrol chemical based ivermectin pour on scheduled twice a year. This product is poured over the animals back and absorbed thru the skin and muscle and into the digestive tract to kill parasitic worms. Ivermectin is even approved for organic cattle when other organic methods fail to work. Belted Galloway's are very genetically hardy and naturally parasite resistant especially with rotational grazing and proper management. We do also supplement with Diatomaceous Earth, Pumpkin Seeds, and Tree Fodder high in Tannins and the cattle's ability to select plants that are natural wormers to help keep parasites at bay.


If a animal is producing poorly and we suspect parasites we do fecal samples, move to a quarantine area and treat if necessary, then keep that animal removed from the pasture for 3 times the recommended withdraw period, usually about 30 days.Treating animals with commercial chemical wormers organic or not, not only kills the parasite in the animal, but as it leaves manure and urine thru out the pasture it is killing the soil microbes as well and we want to do anything we can to avoid this. This where the health of our pasture comes from and is essential.

Another sensitive topic is vaccines. Many assume Organic cattle don't get vaccines but this is not true. Organic cattle are vaccinated just like commercial cattle with multiple 8 and 10 way vaccines. The only requirement is they don't have any genetically modified compounds in them, but most don't anyway. We only give one vaccine to new born calves and that is for Black Leg. It would be considered irresponsible to not do so. its only one and it is the equivalent of giving your dog heart worm medication. you wouldn't even consider not doing it. it is the one vaccine considered essential. It only needs to be given once because as cattle mature they build natural immunity to Black Leg but have little immunity at a young age and is untreatable once symptoms occur and can effect many animals at once with a very high mortality.

We strive to produce the cleanest meat humanly possible with absolute transparency.

Just ask, we are glad to discuss anything with you. We have nothing to hide and that's the way everything should be.

" You Must Know and Trust Your Farmer "

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