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Our Story

Being big foodies looking for the most flavorful and nutrient dense foods as well as being health conscious we decided many years ago if we wanted truly wholesome foods we needed to grow our own food so we can be sure the food we and our family are eating is wholesome and devoid of toxic chemicals.

Luckily as a child we took summer vacations to our families ranch where there was always so much to see and do.

It left me with a lasting impression. As I grew older I didn't think much about it till one day I realized it's not just fast food sold at

" fast food restaurants" but now all the foods in the grocery store had become fast foods too.

A commodity based food system that cherishes profit over our health and the health of a ecosystem that supports life on Earth is unacceptable. When we started on our adventure with cattle we knew a day would come when our cows would far out produce our families consumption and we would be able to sell some of our beef to others who felt the same as we did, but didn't have the time or means to participate in a agriculture system stacked against them. Knowing we are doing right to the mother earth that supports our lives and our children's in the future. Its what keeps us going. It's about much more than just us.

Please explore all the pages of our site we put together a wealth of information just for you.

Why Belties

We currently run a registered herd of approximately 20-30 Belted Galloway's from some of the best bloodlines in the US. We chose Belties because of there history as being well tempered medium frame animals gentle on pastures that finish well on forages alone. We call them our goats because they will eat just about anything green, shrubs and brambles included.

We do occasionally sell registered breeding stock. But currently have no offerings, 

However let us know if you are interested and we will put you on our list and let you know when anything becomes available.

Our breeding stock features bloodlines from :

Driftwood Plantation

Hickory Lawn

Highland Farm


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