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Truth In Labeling

Why we don't use 2nd and 3rd party endorsements or certifications

Its our opinion that most certifications like Certified Organic, Certified Grass Fed, Certified Humane, Certified non GMO are really just a sales gimmick for the consumer and a waste of money for the producer. There are so many different organizations it's mind boggling and would cost a small fortune to have them all. Most are giving you a certifications by sending a party member to your farm doing a once a year inspection and for a fee call you Certified. 

Most organic certifications have a whole list of chemicals you can't use, replaced by a whole new list of chemicals you can use. Some require the use of GMO free supplements. But only when available and when cost is reasonable.

Some Grass Fed labeling only requires the animal be fed grass at some point in it's life and may be finished on grains most likley GMO grains

Beef labeled as a product of USA can be imported from around the world and if it's packaged in the USA it's called a product of the USA

Where ever there is a certification it seems someone has found a way around it to produce the same cheep product call it premium and charge you a higher price.

We raise beef and only beef for market because our focus is on beef quality.

Beware if your buying products labeled pastured pork or pastured poultry and think they are grain free.

There is nothing wrong with it as long as you understand they are omnivores and not ruminants and must be supplemented with grains or other feed stuff and can not survive on grass alone.

Alternatively just being local and not from a feed lot is a magnitude of benefit considering the alternative.

But feel the name "pastured" can be a bit misleading.

" You must know and trust your local farmer raising your food "

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